DIY Rug Ideas You Can Try to Brighten Up Your Home

Can’t find any use for all those spare fabrics you have in your home? Why don’t you turn them into rugs to add charm to your floors? Every home in Adelaide needs area rugs not only to complement the overall color scheme of the home but to also provide comfort and safety. When it comes to cleaning, rugs are easier to clean than carpets because of their size. If cleaning is not really your thing, you can simply take your rugs to companies that offer rug cleaning Adelaide has today for a thorough clean.
However, as much as you want to purchase area rugs from home display aisles, your budget is one thing that keeps you from splurging. No need to fuss though as there are DIY rug ideas you can try on your own to brighten up your home.
Cut Some Squares
If you recently replaced different carpets in your home, you can cut the useful parts into several squares and rectangles. It would even be better if you have different colors for a more textured look. Simply stick together a whole bunch of them to create one large area rug. You can even inspire those who offer rug cleaning Adelaide wide when you bring your rugs for cleaning. They might also want to try out this great recycling option.
Throw in Some Pompoms
If you already know how to make pompoms, then making a rug out of them would now be easier. Although this is a time-consuming project, you will be delighted with the finished product you created with your own hands. This is ideal for children’s room as the pompoms will help cushion their fall better.
Braided Alternative
If you have old t-shirts that you plan on repurposing, creating a braided t-shirt rug is a fun way to start. This can even be a great family project if you have kids. You know how kids love to be involved so give them this chance to make something they can be proud of. You can even show it off to their friends or to experts in rug cleaning Adelaide has today as they might want to try out this project too.
Paint Your Style
Do you have a pattern in mind but couldn’t find the design anywhere? Why not paint it yourself to make it more personal? All you need to do is to buy a basic rug, make a stencil and use high-quality fabric paints to turn your vision into a reality. You will save lots of money and will even be proud of your own ingenuity.
Weave that Rug
Woven rugs are simply adorable. If you have the skills to weave fabric strips together, you can transform old and worn out cotton bed sheets into cool rugs.  When you bring them in for cleaning, professionals who offer rug cleaning Adelaide wide will even be amazed once they see your finished product.
These are just a few ways you can make your own rugs for your home. When it comes to cleaning, you can always take them to Adelaide rug cleaning experts as they have the expertise to care for your handmade rug projects. With the help of online marketing, it is now easy to look for cheap rug cleaning Adelaide has to offer so you can have your rugs cleaned at cheaper costs.