Transform your house or office with a beautiful rug

Having an attractive and comfortable home or office can give you great satisfaction. One way of achieving this goal is by having a great carpet in your office, dining or living room. If you are looking for quality floor mats, you would not regret choosing quality rugs Brisbane shops sell. They can add function and decor if you choose the right ones. They come in different colors and designs that make the house or office look inviting and awesome. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing your rug:

How it feels

Have you ever imagined walking on a surface so soothing to your feet? Then a soft rug is your absolute choice. Also, if you have little kids learning to walk, the soft and durable mats are ideal. This is because the little ones keep falling and a soft floor would keep them safer. If you were looking for an office carpet, you would choose a low pile or industrial grade carpet due to the high traffic in the office and also for easy maintenance.

Overall look

What type of carpet are you looking for? It could be patterned or brightly coloured. If it’s for your house, you check if it blends well with the rest of the decor. A soft, neutral toned carpet mostly matches any decor or taste. Meanwhile, if it’s for an office set up, a patterned rug is preferred. This is because it gives a corporate look and conceals dirt, track marks and stains. The rugs Brisbane shops offer come in different looks that suit preferences of different people.

Durability and maintenance

Consider how frequently your carpet will be cleaned by observing the traffic frequency in that room. A rug in the sala will have a lot of traffic, thus it needs constant cleaning. However, a rug in rarely visited rooms in a home does not need regular cleaning. One needs to also consider the weight of their furniture they want to place on the mat. This means that you need a strong and durable rug to contain the weight. The satin shag rugs come in different forms and they are durable enough to serve you for a long time before they can show any sign of wear and tear. Thus, ensure you are aware of the details in your warrant so you can maintain your carpet.


The satin shag rugs are found in a variety of colors. The color you select gives a different theme concerning your personalities. A brightly coloured rug makes a room appear bigger while a dark coloured carpet gives a smaller view of the room. When selecting the color, it is paramount also to consider the color of your decor and furniture. Select a color that complements your furniture as well.

Area rug versus wall to wall

Suppose your floor is well decorated with tiles, you only require a carpet that covers a particular section to prevent hiding the tiles. A wall to wall carpet is appropriate if you have a plain floor. If you want to add beauty and warmth to your room, consider smaller rugs Brisbane shops have that are just right for your budget.

When you have finally chosen the best carpet, consider buying a carpet pad. This helps in absorbing any liquid that pours on the carpet, thus prevents damaging the floor, which can lead to rotting or mold growth. It also prolongs the life of the floor mats.